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RDVT: The Business Technology Alliance

By PEDRO VALLE JAVIER of Caribbean Business

August 25, 2005
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Technically speaking, Retail & Distribution Vertical Team (RDVT) isn’t a company. It is a strategic alliance among four technology firms that joined forces to benefit their clients and their businesses. The four companies that make up the alliance are JT Consulting, sales leaders in Great Plains software; DevNet Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner; Business Computer POS Inc., vendors of the Retail Management Systems and member of Microsoft Presidential Club 2004; and IT Group, Microsoft Partner and providers of mobile-technology solutions.

According to Rafael Burgos, president of DevNet Systems & an RDVT team member, the alliance was forged at the urging of Microsoft. "The original concept of RDVT came from Microsoft. We have a good friend there, Héctor Negrón, who proposed the idea of creating a group of companies that could offer complete solutions to clients," Burgos said.

The idea was to have diverse companies each specialized in their own products that together could offer a complete suite of software and hardware solutions. "Each company has its own focus; there is little overlapping between the products each company offers. By helping each other out, all four companies can provide better services to their clients."

The alliance was launched officially in March, but the four companies have been working together since last year. Burgos said the alliance has been a great success. He foresees the team expanding in the future, seeking strategic alliances with other software companies to provide even better services to clients.

A diverse team

The four companies that make up RDVT offer a wide spectrum of services to their clients. DevNet Systems Corp., founded in 1997, is divided into three divisions: business consulting, business solutions, and technology services. The company helps clients with Microsoft Business Software, Symantec Business Software, Help Desk Business Software, and Fax Business Software. DevNet Systems not only installs the software, it also trains users in using, configuring, and troubleshooting the applications. The company has a concept called "Knowledge Transfer." This concept seeks to transfer the company’s working knowledge of the software to the client to make the client’s company self-sufficient.

Business Computer POS Inc. is a company specialized in the sale, implementation, installation, and support of Microsoft Business Solutions. The firm provides point-of-sale (POS) software solutions to its customers. Its main product is the Retail Management System Store Operations software. Business Computer is also a provider of software-development services for small to midsize companies in the Caribbean and Latin America that use the Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System. Other than helping businesses run more efficiently, Business Computer offers services in network administration, security, and design.

JT Consulting was founded in February 1994. It also provides POS software solutions to its clients. The company offers complete retail-sales-systems implementation, including computer hardware, software, conversion, configuration, training, communication-equipment setup, and postimplementation support. JT Consulting is a leading company in the sale, installation, and implementation of Microsoft’s Great Plains software. Great Plains is a comprehensive business-management solution built on the highly scalable and affordable Microsoft technologies platform. It offers a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, customer relationships, and human resources.

IT Group is an information-technology-consulting company specializing in four areas. First, the company offers analysis, design, development, and implementation of business-information systems. The company also specializes in the development of Mobile Systems Solutions. IT Group develops applications for intranet / extranet and client / server to be used on such platforms as Windows NT / 2000 / 2003 Servers, Novell Netware, and AS/400. Finally, the company offers systems integration, process re-engineering, and process automation.

A common link

A major advantage for clients is that all companies base their service on Microsoft technology. This means all products offered by each company are compatible and can be successfully integrated with each other. "In many ways, the center of our service is Great Plains. Other applications, such as POS and other business-management solutions connect to it," Burgos said.

For example, a client can have JT Group install and implement Great Plains while DevNet Systems and Business Computer provide software such as Retail Management solutions to increase the business efficiency. IT Group can provide that client with the mobility solutions to keep its sales team in contact, informed, and on track. All of this is done using Microsoft technology, which gives the client a sense of reliability and complete support, Burgos said.

RDVT’s client base is as diverse as its members. According to Burgos, the RDVT alliance has clients in industries such as finance, transportation, insurance, and service. One of the advantages RDVT has for its members is client referral. According to the DevNet president, since there is a great deal of trust between each team member, they feel comfortable referring their clients to their fellow teammates. This means each company’s client base is greatly expanded. "If a client asks for something one of us can’t do but the other can, we are confident that by referring them to another RDVT company they will get the best service," he explained.

For Burgos, this alliance is based on trust. This includes the trust the partners have in each other and the trust the client places in the companies. "The basis of RDVT is the unconditional trust we have in each other. We are based on the promise that we are all going to help each other in the business," he explained. This means a client who comes to one of the four companies that make up RDVT can have the added value of a trusted partner that will make certain the services the client is receiving from any of the team members is of the best quality, Burgos added.

With so much technology and expertise at their disposal, clients can get four distinct benefits from doing business with RDVT, Burgos commented. RDVT can help clients solve their major problems and achieve their strategic objectives. The alliance also can help clients maximize their investment by implementing software and hardware that converge over various business areas. RDVT also can help clients align their business goals with the adequate technological resources. Finally, the partnership brings clients easy access to four companies with vast experience and knowledge in the development and implementation of business technology.

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